The Christmas Truck. A Gem of a Holiday Book for all Daddy and Papa Families.

I just had the pleasure of reading The Christmas Truck to my three year old son,
He sat enthralled and excited through each and every page.

"That little boy has a Daddy and Papa just like me!' he exclaimed and there is no greater joy for me than when my boy sees his family represented, especially in such a loving and special way.

The story takes us along with a cool same-gender family as they embrace the true spirit of Christmas, The spirit of giving.

We tag along as they prepare their home and their hearts for the holidays.
They teach their son about giving to others less fortunate than he and about overcoming obstacles.
With the love of his family and the quick thinking of his awesome grandma nothing gets in the way of making a special Christmas wish come true.

The Christmas Truck,
lovingly written by J.B. Blankenship and beautifully illustrated by Cassandre Bolan  has already become one of our holiday traditions and I hope it becomes one of yours also.

Click HERE to purchase this lovely book and have it in your home just in time for Christmas.


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