Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays From DADsquared..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Birthday to Remember

There was a feeling in the air,
rather like the first cool breaths of Fall,
reminding one that there is a change on the way.

A kind of excitement that you can't quite put your finger on.
It's like everything all at once, 
big as the world yet subtle, small and snug in the palm of your hand. 

That's the way I feel when I'm truly happy, truly joyful.
And that's how I felt the day of my Sons first birthday.

365 days and nights of sleeplessness,
of fear, real or imagined.
Of colds and fevers of loving and learning,
and all things in-between.

Here we were on his first big glorious day and all I could think of was that I wanted it to to be the cherry on that year long cake.

I needed it to be a suitable celebration that would make that year proud. 
I wanted color and fanfare with millions of balloons overhead.
I wanted friends and family and children all gathered around.
I wanted a big cake for him to dig into,
and boxes and boxes for him to open with delight.

It was not long into that day before I was reminded that God does indeed laugh as we plan.

In the midst of it all,
the sights the sounds the colors and the smiles,
I glanced over towards my baby and noticed him still, motionless, amongst all my pre-arranged happiness.
His eyes were directly on mine and his arms were reaching ever so softly towards his Pappa and I.

He was happy yes, and oh so tired, but there was only one thing HE wanted or desired or needed,
and that was quite simply US.

My heart sank and my spirit was lifted as I swooped him up in my arms.
His Pappa and I held him snug and close.

My little one had taught me yet another lesson that day.
one of many in his short time here on Earth.

Plan less and hug more.


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