Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Skinny on Gay Surrogacy and India

Many of you have been asking for some information on what exactly is happening in India regarding Surrogacy and Gay's both single and coupled.

As mysterious and confusing as the Country seems is as mysterious as some of the information being fed to us on this topic.

You may recall I recently did an interview with Rudy Rupak, CEO and Co-Founder of Surrogaycy and PlanetHospital.

That interview was just before the Gay Surrogacy bubble popped in India and I thought I would reach out to Rudy to shed some light on the subject.

I asked him just what was happening in India?
What was the status on couples already working with surrogates in India?
And finally, where could we turn now?

The following was his response.

"It had been rumored for many years but we never thought it would happen that surrogacy for single parent and same sex couples in India would be banned, however it’s true and it is now illegal. 

The clinics who were already in the process of working with single parents or same sex couples were required to submit the names to the government by January 1 2013, those cases would be grandfathered in and permitted to proceed.

There are a lot of surrogacy agencies in India telling people to keep moving forward and that the law will be repealed soon, don’t fall into that trap, nothing moves fast with the government in India. 

This is going to take a while and there is currently no hope in sight.

Most of these surrogacy agencies only do business in India therefore they are going to do whatever they can to hold onto your money as long as they can. 

Surrogaycy and PlanetHospital have partnered with the top fertility clinic in Thailand yielding the highest success rates. 

We are also the first to offer surrogacy in Mexico, where we already have 3 active surrogacy cases.

Both Thailand and Mexico are more expensive than India but the plane flights are less money (depending on where you are coming from) and there are no visa requirements, therefore the time you need to stay abroad is less than you would need to if traveling to India."

I hope this helps you and DADsquared readers.

There you have it folks,


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DS Disclaimer: The choosing of a surrogate and agency is an extremely personal and important decision that should ONLY be made after much investigation and the hiring of legal representation.
DADsquared has not worked with nor do we know anyone that has worked with Mr. Rupak's organizations.