Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dadsquared's first contributing blogger, Alison Aucoin

So community is a word we use often here at Dadsquared.

It is how we began, as a community for men like me finding ourselves in varying degrees of being or becoming fathers, gay fathers.

Community is what has shown itself time and time again as hands have been extended, ideas have been exchanged and dreams have come true.

Community it what I feel each and every time I log on to Dadsquared and find new friendships forged, see pictures of new babies born or hear of everyday acts of heroism.
Within our community live the fiercest of warriors and the gentlest of souls.

A community is what we have created and happily it has grown to include some of our amazing sisters in arms.
Mothers, sisters, daughters and friends.

If you know anything about me you know that I am a momma's boy at heart, forever and always.
So its seems, not so ironically natural, that our first contributing blogger be none other than
lesbian mother and activist,
Alison Aucoin

Alison Aucoin is the happy single (non co-parenting) lesbian mom of a 5½ year-old daughter she adopted from Ethiopia. She also runs her own consulting firm that provides organizational development, fundraising and grant writing services to non-profit organizations around the country.

With community in mind I always knew that Dadsquared could never sustain itself with just my voice.
I will be bringing on a few more writers with unique and powerful perspectives pertaining to the LGBT parenting world.

Please be on the look out for Alison's posts as we join in on her adventure.
As she recently shared with me, "the voice of single (non co-parenting) LGBT parents tends to get lost, I think all of these perspectives are important!"

And so do we.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Survey for Natural Child World Magazine

Here is a request from our friends at Natural Child World,
the national magazine that looks at
modern parenting from all angles.

For their upcoming "Dad" issue, they have a unique, irreverent, sometimes
controversial survey that asks modern dads what they really think about
sex and parenting (and how much, if at all, the two go together!)

They would love to partner with Dadsquared readers to help promote the survey.
This is also a chance for modern dad's (like us) to tell them what we really think.

It's a totally anonymous 25 question survey, all multiple choice answers.
It will be live from March 26 to April 1st.

AND every dad who fills out the survey will enter for a chance to win Apple
To be entered for the prize just go to the Natural Child World FaceBook Page and post that you completed it.
Here is the FB link:
Natural Child World FB

And here is the link to the survey:

It took Dadsquared five minutes to fill it out, seriously


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