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Dear John....

Dear John,

As in Elton John.

Sadly, this letter has been a long time coming.
And as difficult as It may be for all of us, I do believe it is for the best.

Elton, we have been through so much together but as we all know, things change.

It's uncanny how similar our lives have been,
well, excepting all your money, the music stuff, the homes with the flower arranging rooms, the royal stuff, your love of the ascots, your $100,000.00 surrogate bill and so on and so forth..

But other than all that stuff, we're nearly twins.
We both married the loves of our lives, and now we are both raising beautiful baby boys.
(I do hope that your Zachary and my Ben will still stay friends after all this settles.)

Now I will say you did one up us when you started flying all that breast milk from Z's birth mom to and fro but then again that's that money stuff and I guess paying 100 grand does have it's perks.

Our Bens a Gerber boy and a happy one at that.

Lest you say I'm sounding bitter,…

Just an Ordinary Day

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It was 5 days before our Wedding.

Soon guest would be arriving,
planes would need to be met,
hotels checked into
and hosting would begin.

My (then) Fiance and I had decided on a destination wedding.

Boston by choice,
The destination wedding part by necessity.
We still can't legally marry in our home state of Florida.

So there we were,
heading to Boston City Hall to apply for our marriage license.

That thought, that concept, going to apply for a Marriage License,
had but stomach in more of a knot than our upcoming nuptials.

Growing up as a a Gay Man, I have often prepared myself to soften the sting of discrimination by playing it all out in my head first.

How would it go?
What might they say?
How would I react?
What words would I choose?

That's how I do it, that's how I've always done it!

So as we entered that great old building I prepared myself first with the security …