Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Mad Hippie Love..

So I will be turning 56 this coming Fall.

I can hardly believe it. 
Quite honestly I have never really felt my age.

I often joke that the reason why my marriage is so successful, despite our 13 year difference in age, is that my husband is so mature and I, well not so much.

The past few years, as some of you know, have been difficult.
Unlike years gone by I never noticed the changes in my face but when I hit 50 I started to become so much more aware of my skin.

I was also keenly aware that I had not been caring for myself as I once did.
Kids do that to us right?

Not enough sleep, stress, unhealthy diets and on and on.

Well, last year I decided to do something about it.
Nothing grand nor earth shattering.
Nothing that required a moving truck, scalpel or a divorce lawyer.
It was a tiny move that has changed my life.

Mad Hippie Love...

Not this kind,

But rather this kind...

Yes, I changed my skin care..
Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care has given me tiny glimpses of hope and excitement back.
I started hearing how good I looked again and that means so much.

I used to be that guy that thought I needed a "mens" line because, well, I am a man.
Honestly folks, skin and hair know no gender.

I was drawn to the line by it's vibe, its look and it's scents.
I've stayed with the line because it works.
I've had zero breakouts.
My dry patches are a thing of the past.
I look youthful but don't feel oily.

The products are..
Vegan, except for the beeswax in the SPF
Synthetic Dye-free
SLS-free and

Unfortunately the products are not free but considering how very little you need, the cost is amazing. And they don't even come close to the big ticket products that gave me no results.

And $1 dollar of every web-sale goes to conservation.

So to all my gay dad friends and to all my non-gay-dad friends alike, you owe it to yourself to do something special for yourself.

Start simple, start small, start in the comfort of your home and you may just surprise yourself with what CRAZY MAD HIPPIE thing you might do next.

Tell em' DADsquared sent ya!

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