Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This Dads take on the Faux Hawk.

This is how it all starts..
The dreaded FAUX HAWK!

Oh, I know what your thinking,
but it seems so innocent.
Look at him!
Such a big man.
So serious!

Or,  Look at our silly little man!

Little man is the problem if you ask me,
I know you didn't.
But come on now, they're only babies for a minute right?
Do we have to make them little men so quickly?

Taking on grown up qualities so early.

True, he may grow into that Faux Hawk and seem actually quite successful,
somewhat, well balanced!

Or be the life of the party!

That "Bad Boy" haircut may lead them down the wrong path.

Or God might have BIGGER plans!

But then again he may also end up like my "Funny" Uncle Carl.

I personally can't take that chance.
I won't risk my boys future for the sake of some clippers and gel!
Its floppy hair in our house.
No Faux Hawks here.


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