Friday, August 31, 2012

Dear John....

Dear John,

As in Elton John.

Sadly, this letter has been a long time coming.
And as difficult as It may be for all of us, I do believe it is for the best.

Elton, we have been through so much together but as we all know, things change.

It's uncanny how similar our lives have been,
well, excepting all your money, the music stuff, the homes with the flower arranging rooms, the royal stuff, your love of the ascots, your $100,000.00 surrogate bill and so on and so forth..

But other than all that stuff, we're nearly twins.
We both married the loves of our lives, and now we are both raising beautiful baby boys.
(I do hope that your Zachary and my Ben will still stay friends after all this settles.)

Now I will say you did one up us when you started flying all that breast milk from Z's birth mom to and fro but then again that's that money stuff and I guess paying 100 grand does have it's perks.

Our Bens a Gerber boy and a happy one at that.

Lest you say I'm sounding bitter, please know that we want nothing more than the best for you, David and sweet Zachary but, unfortunately your recent actions have made it difficult for me to remain quiet.

Elton, you just keep going on and on about how fearful your are for little Z. You keep expressing how having two Dads is going to assure him a life of bulling, homophobic taunting and discrimination.

source, express UK

Really Elton?

Thats like saying that Gwynth's little Apple will be teased by all her celebrity friend's kids in their cool Upper East side private schools. (or where ever cool is!)

Really Elton?

Where's that stiff upper you Brits are known for?

Really Elton?

You've said, "Zachary is going to face a difficult childhood because of attitudes to your unusual family set up."

You've said "He may struggle with bullies because he doesn't have a mummy."

Now Elton, I really have to ask, have you lost your mind?

When exactly will you and David need to search out daycares and schools that will be accepting of your family setup in order to protect your son?

When will you be hoping to get on a school's waiting list and fearful that your setup might loose you a spot?

When will you need to introduce yourselves to teachers and administrators in order to be sure they understand your family's language, who's Daddy? who's Pappa?

When will your celebrity, your notoriety, your money, your everything not assure your sons safety, even if by being bought.

Elton, your need to constantly express this "common mans" fear for the safety of your boy has started to really piss me off.

And thats why I think we should call it quits, Elton.

Your fears can't become ours, I mean if you can't protect yours, what chance do us regular folk have?

You get where I'm coming from?

Goodbye Elton, you'll be missed.


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