Saturday, October 20, 2012

Daddy's and Daycare's and Choices, Oh My!

So our Son will be turning one in a few short weeks.

We have spent the last few months visiting daycares in our area.

Now if you had asked me two years ago if I would ever be the type of Dad fighting for a spot at a daycare,
or praying to get my Son on a waiting list,
or even willingly sitting for an "interview" with a school's director,
I would have answered with a resounding "HELL NO!" 

And yet here I am...
guilty as charged. 

We were able to quickly cross many off our list,
Didn't get a great vibe,
or hated the location,
or one too many references to a Holy Father who's name was neither Joel or Henry.

But once we narrowed down the field to our top three, things really started getting interesting.

I'm going to save some of the juicier details for later but I thought you'd get a kick out of knowing what finally helped us decide.

Was it the organic gardens the kids tended?
Was it the Italian method of enriching our Son's mind?
Not entirely. 
Was it the networks of cameras that would enable me to watch his every move from any handheld device I own?
Was it the quantity of languages spoken at the facility?
No, Non, Nein. 

I'll tell you what it was.

Although his new school offers their own individualized versions of all of the above.
What clinched it for us was that after our second visit,
and after we had brought Ben in to get his opinion and to introduce him to his possible new caregivers, and after we had signed our lives away in forms and consents.

Yes, after all that, the schools director sheepishly and with obvious concerns not to offend asked us if we were a two Dad family.

Why yes, we replied.

To which she smiled and through her arms up in joy and said, 
Yay! We've always wanted one of those!!!!!!!! 


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  1. Tears to my eyes! How wonderful!

    1. Thank you Sherry, especially for taking the time to leave such kind words.. H

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  3. Congrats. When my husband and I took our daughter [she's 16 months old now] for the interviews at a few of the day cares - no one batted an eye. The only time it came up at the one we selected was when the staff asked us if we were both daddy or did we have different names for each of us - we do, he's daddy, I'm papa. Everyday they take the children over to pictures of everyone's family and point out who's who and no one seems to think it strange. It's a nice environment for her to grow up. Best of luck as you raise you're boy and hopefully you've avoided better than we have the weekly illnesses she brings home with her from daycare.


    1. Thanks for your comment Andy..
      What State do you hail from?