Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How young is too young to teach hate? A gay dad's dilema.

Once a year, here in Durham NC, we have an amazing event called the Noth Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.
It is held at the beautiful Carolina Theatre of Durham, a theatre that was built in 1926 and that has seen so much, not just in the name of art and history but in the way of civil right's movements and the blur of faces, causes,  triumpths and injustices, all that have played out not just on it's screen or stage but on its sidewalks and walkways.

What should have been a lovely morning took a turn.
Another moment in history was about to be played out.

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Henry Amador is a husband, father, writer and life coach.

Henry founded DADsquared where he continues to provide love, support and resources to gay fathers and those on the road to fatherhood.
He lives in North Carolina with his happy tribe and hopes to grow old on the family farm with rolling hills, many children, grandchildren and a strong internet connection.

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