Monday, November 17, 2014

13 Breath-Taking Moments And The Gay Dads That Lived Them

This time of year always finds me giving thanks.
I give thanks for the life I have, the family and friends I have and for the moments that define me.
I wanted to reach out to just a few of the dads in my life, a few heroes that have pursued their dreams to become fathers. They have pursued those dreams against great odds and are opening doors, minds and hearts so that others will follow.
All around this world, the number of gay men choosing to become fathers is increasing, rapidly.
They are setting goals, taking out loans, loosing friends, family and sometimes faith in order to have the honor and the privilege to raise a child.
This journey is aw inspiring and at times emotional beyond comprehension.
The journey, the destination called parenthood comes at a great cost for many of us and yet gives birth to moments of both sheer beauty and devastating pain.
Moments that at their finest and at their saddest, take our breaths away.
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