Monday, May 28, 2012

Carpe Diem - Seize Your Gay Day!

We appear to live in a world of haves and have nots.
Are and are nots.
Always looking over the fences,
wanting what the others have.
Never really aware of what we already have or are.

I am a Gay Man, married to the same and raising a child in a world where so many feel that to be a dream, an impossibility.
Now, please understand.
I do not marginalize or minimize, in any way shape or form the war that is waging for equal rights in the LGBT community.
It's just that I live my life not with the idea of tomorrow or one day,
but rather in the realities of today.

There are countless individuals throughout the world that continue to deny a shift,
a change.
They live in protest as if their nays and boo's will stop the momentum of a time that has definetley arrived,
not a time that is coming.

Not a time being prayed for,
but one that is here.

This is certain, 
I am proof.
My Husband and Son are proof. 

The remarkable parents we know today,
living and loving with babies in tow are not a mirage.

Our Little Gay Group

they are not anomalies or flukes,
they are real and profound and are only a small part of what I call the changing faces of our World's families.
You see,
we exist, already.

Marianne Williamson speaks of shining a light into the darker recesses of life.
Once it has been lit,
it is real.

No longer left to other people's devises or imaginations.

A light has been shined onto to our lives like never before.
We can no longer be avoided,
voted against,

We are everyone,
and no matter how hard you may try to ignore your own reflection, 
eventually you are left gazing into your own eyes and having to accept yourself and all others as real. 

Years ago when my Husband and I were Married, our Reverend said we were pioneers.

Just because a state lifts a ban or enacts some form of legislation does not mean that countless Gays and Lesbians would be tripping over them selves to get to an alter.
And this is true,
there is no proof that any state that allows Gay marriage has been inundated with same gendered marriages.

As a matter of fact,
most same sex couples that dream of being married who still live in state's that do not allow their  marriages stay put.
They wait, and they pray for equal rights, for freedom.
They wait in their towns,
on their blocks,
in their homes,
safely and comfortably.

Oh we will marry one day when it's legal here.
Well damnit,
it's legal there.
Go get some!.

We travelled out of state and brought our marriage back.
Our reality is not when we will be allowed, as if we needed permission.
No, that is not our struggle,
ours is helping people understand that tomorrow is today.

I challenge every Gay, Lesbian Bi or Transgendered individual that reads this and finds themselves closing their eyes at night to the one they love to book a trip.
Find a chapel,
a mountain,
a river,
a Church,
a Priest,
a Rabbi
or Wiccan Priestess to solemize your love for one another.

Yes, fill up those charming b&b's,
or those trendy hotels,
or simply walk up the stairs of the many city halls that will embrace you and help you marry.
It's not just a piece of paper,
it's proof positive that part of our struggles have ended,
that some mountains are moving,
that adversity is giving way.
And then,
if your hearts tell you that you are meant to start a family,
go out and start your family!
Foster, adopt, use a surrogate, find your way,
but for god sake stop waiting for approval,
stop depending on a blanket, go ahead. 
Carpe Diem, seize your day,
your Gay day!
My Husband and I are not unique,
nor wealthy,
nor strongly connected.
We are just two Gay married Fathers raising babies in the good ole U.S. of A. 
Now if that's not proof that it's real,
than what the heck is?

Our little Gay Family

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