Saturday, October 5, 2013

Congratulations!! It's a Website!

Nearly two years has passed since we introduced the word DADsquared to the world.

It began with the Facebook page and this blog but it quickly became more.
DADsquared became a home for men (and women) all around the world searching for a missing piece in their lives, and that missing piece was children.

Since it's birth, DADsquared has seen the world of Gay Dads rise to such unbelievable heights that I often stand back in awe.
Our making Babbles Top 50 Blogs for 2012 is certainly proof of that.

We have seen countless numbers of new families being created.

We have been guided and help guide many people towards parenthood.

We have forged relationships with some amazing attorneys, surrogacy agencies, adoption agencies and all sorts of professionals who's expertise in helging LGBT families grow is undeniable.

As we ourselves grew we found ourselves building DADsquared in the same way we build families, with hope, blind faith and trust.

In contemplating our logo I had this crazy dream that New York Times Best Selling childrens book author and illustrater Todd Parr designed it for us.

Crazy right?
Not for a dreamer.

I reached out to Todd and together we created something I am beyond proud of, the DADsquared logo.

We then set our sites on growing our reach and thus the DADsquared Website was launched.

In same "Dreamer" fashion we reached out to famed cartoonist Jay Fosgitt and we are proud to show you the DADsquared Community..

Oh, sure, we still have much work to do on the site.
We will be adding new resources and events shortly.
I am most excited about a feature to help connect families with one another, these connections are a core mission and belief for DS.

So please, Join our Facebook Community, visit our Website and help keep our DADsquared World growing won't you?

DADsquared, Changing the World one Family at a Time!

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