Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dadsquared welcomes it's third contributing blogger, Joey Spinelli

I was lucky enough to take note of this man's vision a little while back.
At the time all I knew for certain was that his guy had a strong opinion and that he very clearly had the facts, logic and experience to back that strength up.

I know now that he is an activist radio junkie.
I know that he is an avid follower of all LGBT court cases in the system.
I know that he knows all the words to all the Glee songs,
and that when it comes to fighting for his families rights, this guy means business!

Please meet, Joey Spinelli

"Who am I? That’s simple. I am a gay parent that’s treated like a second class
citizen and I am done taking it. 
Every day I am in the battlefields, in my kid’s school, PTA meetings, swim team, birthday parties with
other parents and I am forcing people to meet me.
Every day I stand right next to them and even if it’s just in my mind, I say “ Look at me will you! I am a gay man, right in front of you. 
I have a partner of 8 years and a 6r old boy. 
My kid is in your kid’s class and will be for the next 11 years. 
I am not going away so now would be as good a time as any to accept me and everything that comes with me."

Joe also keeps his own blog up at 1 regular joe
although Dadsquared thinks this Joe is far from regular!



  1. I love your bio! That's exactly how it is. Our kids are going to be sharing space so it's best to just get on board!