Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dadsquared welcomes newest contributing blogger.. Dara

I first heard this womans thoughts as she shared and responded in our Dadsquared community forum.
A couple of things struck me.
First, her views were specific, clear and timely but more than that they seemed wrapped with a certain unique understanding that made me want to hear more.
Secondly, I still remember the day when she told me "people don't always realize that it's not just Gay People that lived in the closet, often their families lived in there along side them." 
That my friends was a profound statement and it's why we are so happy to have her voice heard here, along side ours.

Please meet,

"My name is Dara.  I'm a 33 year old Mother of 3 amazing children with my Prince Charming Keith.  
We live right outside of Palm Springs, California. 
I have degrees in Anthropology, Liberal Arts, and Business Administration. I work full time in the Hospitality Industry and attend college classes in pursuit of my MBA when I'm not busy being Super Mom. 
I spend my spare time crocheting, quilting, and making a mess with pretty much anything I can get my hands into.  
I am a huge Doctor Who fan and I can't eat while watching The Walking Dead.  
And I also happen to be the Daughter of Gay Parents and the Mother of a child with Asbergers  Syndrome and ADHD." 

Welcome Dara,
We are so pleased your here!

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