Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daddy and me

My Son and I attended our first Daddy and Me class today.

Its actually called a Baby and Me class, the ( p.c.) name for what was always called Mommy and Me classes.

Now don't blame us for the name change, apparently there is quite a Dad movement on the rise, Straight and Gay alike.

Dads don't like the short stick they seem to have been getting.

We are Daddies hear us roar!

As a matter of fact, Dad bloggers just brought down a Huggies campaign that made Dads look rather, well, stupid.

Did you hear about it?

Anyway this is not one of my activist posts.
This is about my Son.

So we arrive, both feeling a little nervous.
It was us and 7 Mommies with 7 sweet babies.

I noticed all the Moms checking me out as I entered,
and Ben noticed all those babies looking at him too.

Alright kid, I said, lets show them what we got!

Miss Kristin welcomed us.
I am beginning to understand that from now on, when in my Sons company, people must always be referred to by Miss or Mr. followed by a first name. 
(although the jury is still out on that one.)

So we all gather on the matt and Miss Kristen starts the class by introducing us to the class,
everybody, lets say hi to Ben and his Daddy Henry!

The room breaks out in a loud Hurrah! with 7 Mommies clapping their childrens hands together..
Benjamin looked up at me and mouthed... WTF!
(I know, he cant speak yet, but if he could he would have said just that, I swear!)

But then the magic started..

The next hour was a simple, sweet, organic flow of music and play.

Each song had a little prop that the parents were given to engage their babies.
Sometimes a puppet
or some bells
or some brightly colored balls.

There was very little adult conversation from that point on.

Ben and I didn't know the songs,
we watched and listened to all the Mommy's engaged with the little ones,
each kneeling right above their little ones happy faces
and before we knew it we were singing right along.

My Son gazed into my eyes song after song in happiness and wonderment.

He only looked away once when Miss Kristin had introduced soft bubbles into the air around us,
the bubbles caught his attention for just a few moments and then he was back looking into my eyes.

Ben only showed real dislike to the part of class when they place all the babies in the center of the matt and all the parents raise and lower a giant rainbow colored fabric high into the air and softly down towards their faces.
He screamed at the top of his lungs.

Miss Kristin said that it was probably sensory overload.
But I think he just dislikes that rainbow flag,  like his Dad!

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