Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Unlikely Teacher..

from our yard

I was taking my usual walk around our yard this morning with my son in my arms.

I love it most just after the sunrise...

Still, quiet yet awakening, stirring and alive.

Our climate is warm and tropical so there is so much life out there, so much movement.

A rustling in the leaves from the small lizards scurrying to hide..

The trees sway from the little tree frogs hurrying to get back to their safe places.

There they will spend the day, resting and preparing for their adventures of the night.

And the amazing sounds the breeze makes when it hits the bamboo..
A very unique sound, unlike any other, almost a hum...almost a whistle, but not quite.

The bamboo always catches my attention and holds it softly.

This morning as we were looking up into it's branches something stood out as interesting to me.

I noticed (suddenly) for the first time, that each new shoot that spouts from the ground somehow, magically, yet naturally, grows taller and stronger than the ones that came before...

Each time stretching, the collective, bamboo closer to the sky.

Now this is where that thought took me.

With a broad stroke I thought generationally.

My Grandparents, immigrants to this country, wanted better for their children, they wanted them to grow stronger, taller and collectively bring their family to a better place.

My parents wanted the same for me, 
as I now do for my family.

Each generation wants the next to be bigger..taller...healthier...more vital,
as if we are giving each other a metaphorical leg up,
bringing us all closer to the sky.

And then I brought my thoughts in closer, 
more self centered (not always a bad thing, you know)
What if each day was a new shoot?

What if each new day was an opportunity to take ourselves to new heights?

What if one beautiful day, or one beautiful thought, could build upon the next and together
bring us closer to our clouds...

The bamboo taught me today what nature already knows....

And we are part of that magnificent design..

Our life..the sum if it all, is no different than the life of that tree..

When all is aligned and humming and we are listening for our soul, each day is a chance for us to grow bigger and more beautiful than yesterday...

Each breath is a new opportunity to bring us closer to the sky..

Sounds simple doesn't it?

The bamboo thinks it is.


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