Tuesday, February 14, 2012

and baby makes 3

As many of you know, my Husband and I want to be Fathers.

It is a desire that we both share that at the most difficult of times is all consuming.
At the best of times is a soft, constant hum, that we just feel and have learned to live with.

We are Family-less Family men..... Childless, Fathers.

My blogging experience started out as interesting career stories, but know I feel I should ad my voice to the world of Gay men stepping out onto uncharted territory, Gay men wanting to be Dads.

Over the past few years we have explored many ideas into Fatherhood.

We have explored surrogacy...... At a whopping cost averaging $100,000.

We have explored international surrogacy possibilities involving sperm and eggs and India and $60,000.

We have explored becoming Foster Parents.

We have explored adopting through the Sates of Florida. Still a viable option.

We have explored private adoption, since the ban on same sex adoption laws finally changed here in Florida. At a cost of $30,000-$60,000.
We were the first Gay Couple to meet with an adoption specialist in Broward and Palm Beach Counties... She even had to re-design all the legal paper work for us to include Spouse and Spouse rather than Husband and Wife.

We have explored ads in classifieds offering to "help" a young lady that has found her self in a less than desirable position.

We explored the idea of starting a foundation, but the hoops we would have to jump through regarding the laws and taxes are to big for us alone.

We explored the ideas of fundraising, I ask you to google "raising money for adoption" and take a peek at the pages and pages of businesses that were created to take money from people trying to raise the money to have a family...Gay and Straight alike.

There are adoption grants.

There are adoption loans.

There are even adoption credit cards.

Is it just me people or is this insane.

There are babies born every minute of the day all over this entire planet of ours.
Not all wanted.......not all loved.

There are couples and singles with hearts and homes ready to be opened to a child, to children. Gay and Straight alike.

Not everyone can afford the cost of BUYING A BABY in this Country.

What do we do about this?

How do we fix this?

I've got my sleeves rolled up!
And i'm ready to change a diaper!!


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