Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today is Sunday.

We woke up to the perfect day.

We have already laughed and plotted.

Designed and re-designed our futures.

We presently sit in front of one another at a little coffee shop with our tools of the trade laid out before us.

My husband is busy writing copy that perfectly describes his lovely jewelry collection and I had to take a moment, quell surprise, to reflect on my grand life.

In minutes we will pick up my Godson Luca for a lunch date.

Seeing Luca is one of the most beautiful things in my life.

Tomorrow morning we meet with an adoption expert to gather more information.

This July will again find us in Spain and Morocco, although this time it will include the brilliant Kate and Rob Burton, a love story to be shared at a different time.

My Cousin Vicky with her amazing children Alex and Arianna. They are treasures in my life that I have already recently, shared with you.

Our gathering will be held at Laksiba Riad Marrakech. http://www.laksiba.com/

I share this with you all not as a means of gloating nor boasting but as a true testament of how beautiful life is..

There are dreams to be had....have them.

There are plans to be made....make them.

There is air to breath and far away lands to reach out to and pull all the closer than ever imagined.

There are friends to long for and family to live for.

There are deserts to cross and mountains to climb.

Nothing is impossible and once in a lifetime is a myth.

We are born, we dream, we live and we die.

But not always in that order.


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