Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my mountain

Well as many of you have noticed..
I have not blogged in quite a while...

What's the hold up?
I have been asking myself the same question.

Let's see...
What's happened lately?
What do I possibly have to blog about?

I was recently reunited with my Father after 25+ years,
and given the gift of a Fatherly, deep dark secret.
                                                    my Father, Puerto Rico, 2010


Met my 102 year old Grandmother.

                                          My Grandmother, Santos, Puerto Rico, 2010

Found out that my Mother loved another, and took that secret to her grave.
I Recently found out who that "other" was... Still have that call to make, just not quite ready for those answers.

My Uncle John will be gone soon (Hospice care), this sadness is balanced by the happiness I feel in knowing my Mother will soon have her Brother back. She loved him so much.

                                                       big brother Johnny, circa 1947                                                   


I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary.

                                          my Husband, Joel and I. Boston October 10 2009

Travelled to LaLinea, Spain, the birth place of my Great Grandparents and Grandparents.
Met my Family there..My Godfather and Cousins.. (This was magical and has opened me to infinite possibilities.

                                          My Godfather and I in LaLinea Spain, 2010

I travelled to Morroco...where my experiences were basically......unbelievable.

                      Marrakech, 2010

 We returned to the United States with the reality that the Gay adoption laws were overturned in Florida.. My Husband and I have begun the adoption process... Wish us luck!

                                          Our Dream....

Oh and let's not forget the original reason for this Blog..the Salon, our trials and tribulations.. our growing pains..my amazing client stories..I have lots of new ones there..that's for sure.

So what's the problem?
Why the block?

I learned along time ago that a man can never see his mountain while he is standing on it.
He must step away from it to see it fully.

Well my friends, I am not merely on my mountain, I am in it.. My hands are gently bound by memories and thoughts..the dead are just as alive as the living and happiness and joy (as I have never known) has joined forces with sadness and fear to create a brand new sensation that Is presently searching for it's home in my heart.

Oh I know how this sounds, but it's not nearly as bad as that..
I have just begun to see light..
It has been difficult but I have been slowly and lovingly moving things out of my way in order to emerge from this mountain I have created.
Soon I will step away from it..
Feel the Sun on my face and be able to look back upon it with all the wonder and pride the universe has to muster.

Then and only then will I be able to share more stories, properly and with all the pomp and circumstance they deserve..

Thank you for your patience,


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