Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a chip off the new block...

Do you ever have those moments in life, whether actual moments or months or years when your heart and your mind are just so entangled and engaged that you simply feel the need for quiet?

For silence?

Those moments where you go deep inside and wrap your self in hope and faith and trust because....at your core you know change is coming...

Not simple change.

Not expected change.

Not familiar change.

But a type of change that you know will melt you down to nothing and finally fade away leaving an entirely different you.

Well that's where I've been.

So what's different about me now?
Well..... I'm a father.

Some of you are new to our family so you may not get the depth of that sentence.
Yet others will know just what it took for me, and my Husband Joel, to be able to finally own those 3 simple words....

I'm a father.

I can not possibly catch you all the way up in this newest post so please bare with me and be prepared for more.

For now suffice it to say that Joel and I embarked on a journey a bit over one year ago that magically moved mountains.

That journey placed people and situations before us that can only be attributed to the divine.

It took us from thought to action to hope to fear and finally to children.

My future blogs will definetly touch on the topic of the actual, manual, and intentional creations of families.

They will undoubtedly aid in the re-definition of fatherhood as some of us know it.

They will introduce you to men who's innate need and desire to be fathers drove them to some daunting and uncharted waters..

You'll get to know my family very well....

But for now, I have to go feed a baby.


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