Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a thanksgiving day thought

Ah, Thanksgiving day.

It is the day we gather.....and break bread.....and give thanks.

On this day I feel particularly heavy....particularly thoughtful.

I find myself wondering why I so easily forget, why I need these days to be reminded to be THANKFUL.

My life sometimes feels like a blur.... I describe it like this.

Me...still...motionless...and life spinning, somewhat out of focus...circling me...I can feel the breeze it stirs up...

I gaze forward, and every now and then I am forced, by this grand Universes, to focus, to see something... to see someone....to smell it... to feel it.

At those moments, the world stops, I can reach out to it and bring the source of my focus in, it becomes mine, becomes real, even if just for that moment, however long that moment last.

And then the world starts to spin once more and I begin to gaze again...to wait for the Universal reminders.

When we leave a funeral we are reminded how fragile life is.
How we should not take one second for granted.
We think of life lost and promise to never take our loved ones for granted.
We promise to live each day to the fullest.

And then the world spins.
And we gaze.

When a day like today comes around we count our blessings.
We give thanks for all the wonders God has sent our way.
We look lovingly at our families....at ourselves.....at strangers.
We donate our time.
We offer shelter.
We carve a turkey.

And then the world spins.
And we gaze.

So there we have it...seconds become minutes and minutes turn to years and we only breakout of the spin when we are reminded to.

That makes me think.

What if from this day forward we each make it our mission to recognize the gazers, the watchers, the motionless ones..... 
What if we give them a few more..... un-seasonable nudges?

What if we stop giving thanks when we are reminded to,
and tell the world to slow down...

Let's slow the spin just enough to be able to see more miracles, to be more joyful, to touch more lives....... 

Not just today..... when we are asked to....
But everyday...... when we are supposed to.....

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Every Day


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