Monday, February 27, 2012

Strength in numbers

I've already shared with you that my family tends to be rather private.

We do not have many Gay friends and even fewer Gay friends raising children.

Yesterday we ventured out of our comfort zone.

We picked out a great little outfit for our Son,
I swear he sensed that we were going on an adventure..
and we took a little drive.

A few weeks ago, a Gay couple we know suggested we join a group,
a Gay Family group called South Florida Family Pride,

This particular group, some 150 members strong is headed up by a couple of lovely guys raising a beautiful boy and preparing for their next.

The event we attended was a good old fashioned cook out held at a beautiful state park..

There were more than a few Gay Dads running around with 1, 2 or 3 little ones in tow.

All with their own amazing stories of why they became they became fathers.
So inspiring.

This BBQ was different because the Florida pride group joined up with an amazing womens group called Aqua....

So you can imagine there were many, many beautiful Lesbian Moms with their children there as well.

Their stories equally diverse and beautiful.
So inspiring.

My husband my son and I truly enjoyed ourselves.

It was amazing to be around so many families that looked like ours...
So many stories of how parenthood, for them, came to be.
Such a sense of strength.

It's difficult to imagine, if your not Gay, but think about watching television and never seeing yourself represented..

Do you ever see a Gay family cleaning house in a Windex commercial?

How about a Gay Dad being surprised by his husband with a set of Lexus keys at Christmas with the kids smiling in the back ground?

Or even two Dads (or Moms) arguing that their child is not going through a phase and need Sylvain tutoring!

Nope right?

But let's not forget that in our life time we have seen that change for Black families, Asian families...Latino families,

so change does happen

There was an attorney who spoke at the event,
She was sharing the latest info on laws in our state, ideas for easier adoptions etc.etc.

And she said, the new activist on the Gay and Lesbian front were people just like us..
Gay families living amongst all types of families,
Gay Dads at a PTA meeting,
Lesbian Moms at the soccer game...or a ballet class.

She had a point..
Things are definitely changing,
there is strength in numbers,
and yesterday...
I gotta tell ya,
I felt pretty strong!


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